Let the HTC Touch Pro be your phone of choice

The HTC Touch Pro released June 2008 is an Internet-enabled Windows smartphone available in three versions: the Raphael 100, the Raphael 800, and the Raphael 500. What is great about HTC Windows phones, is that it’s possible to run Android on it.

Say good-bye to the Blackberry, and hello to your HTC Touch Pro. Blackberrys used to be the hottest phone in the business world, but consider the HTC Touch Pro. Yes, having the smallest and thinnest phone was impressive for awhile, but hardly ever does it stack up to quality. This is what the HTC Touch Pro provides. Though a bit thicker and heavier compared to phones in the market nowadays, it has more valid alternatives to the commercialized iPhone due to it’s QWERTY keyboard.

There are countless rave reviews regarding the HTC Touch Pro based on it’s performance, value, features, and design, giving it almost a perfect overall score. Though the plans associated with this phone don’t run cheap, who said any quality product would be free? There are certain situations such as this, where a consumer should invest in their product, such as a phone they will be using very often.

Cell phones have practically replaced landlines and to some have served as it’s own virtual entertainment center. What is a smartphone nowadays without Internet, an MP3 player, a great photo capturing and video device, along with movie and television playing software? The HTC Touch Pro provides your basic phone needs as well as satisfies your levels of entertainment. The best thing is that it’s associated with trusted brands such as Windows and Android, so you are guaranteed an exceptional product.

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